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Buy Afghan Haze online

Afghan Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines a resinous Afghani Indica with a sweet-smelling Haze sativa. Created by former Sensi breeder Nevil Shoemaker and Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds, Afghan Haze balances energizing cerebral invigoration with soothing full-body effects. Its clear-headed relief allows patients to treat pain, depression, and appetite loss during the day, and heavier doses can help ease the mind and body into peaceful sleep. Afghan Haze may have an excruciatingly long indoor flowering time of 10 weeks, but the large harvests of potent, crystal-covered buds are worth waiting for. Buy Afghan Haze online.

good strain. thoughts are clear, bit of couchlock after awhile of smoking. wake n bakes may put you back to sleep. definitely a good strain but I only give 4 stars because it lacks the intense pain relief I seek. Instantly ails pain, specifically for me digestive upset, headache, and muscle pain. Very clear-headed, functional sativa effects as the leafy description mentions. Ails depression as well. Personally, I am taking this prior to dinner with my sweetie so I can enjoy a nice date pain free. Very happy with this strain!

Ahhh-mazing. So far my favorite strain. A friend and i found ourselves giggling like school girls. I havent done that in YEARS and it was amazing! As a person with anxiety and a migraine sufferer, i was neither anxious nor did the migraine (that hit on day ONE of my vacay) i found myself with last. I cant stop telling people about it! A++, 100% and wow. Afghan Haze is definitely the bee’s knees!

I absolutely love this! I’m currently vaping this through an Avitas cartridge and it chills me out and relieves my tension headaches while providing me a good boost in creativity and focus. I tried it while socializing with friends and had an amazing time, and now I’m currently sitting in my room working on art. It’s the first time I’ve met a strain that’s great for both social and solitary activities. While I was with my friends last night I got so stoned from this I thought these post it notes falling from her fridge were f*ckin birds!!! It was hilarious. While vaping, I get a lovely flavor of the scent of crushed pumpkin guts. Reminds me carving pumpkins around Halloween time. Sets me in a spooky mood lol. 10/10 would smoke/vape again

Picked up this one on 4/20. This strain had me rethinking I was too generous with my previous five star ratings. Trying this strain was a last minute decision because I impulsively wanted a preroll. The budtender told me they have a 5 pack of five different strains to choose from. Afghan Haze was the only hybrid, so I chose it. Pre-rolls are hit or miss with me in the way that they burn. This one burned slowly and evenly, and was incredibly strong- long lasting, and smelly. There is no way to hide the aroma of the strains I brought home on 4/20. It gave me energy and woke me up mentally- but had my body buzzing with relaxation. I went to sleep for the night about an hour later. Finished it off the next day and cleaned the whole house and was able to tackle some errands before work. Definitely would recommend trying it. However, in comparison to the other two strains I got from Urban Greenhouse- this one was my least afghan haze online/buy afghan haze online


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