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Death Star Marijuana

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that easily captivates with its domineering name. However, those who have yet to get blasted off into space by Death Star have yet to have the pleasure of knowing that this strain has more to offer than its star-studded name.

Bred by combining skunky, sativa-dominant Sour Diesel with cataonic Sensi Star, Death Star embodies the best of both lineages. A balanced blend of soothing, physical effects and stimulating, sativa effects. Sensi Star, in particular, is often recognized as one of the most indicas available – a fact that the Death Star strain is well aware of. A THC content of 22 to 25% places it well above its weight class and it’s one of those strains where including the word “death” actually makes sense! The effects creep in slowly, as if building towards a climax eventually culminating in a relaxing wave of calm, sedation, and giddiness. You’ll feel all your troubles melt away as both your mind and spirit are lifted, and couchlock almost definitely set in.

Death Star gives users an out-of-this-world experience, but it’s not without its medicinal applications. It’s great at relieving stress, as the bliss it delivers will dominate any stressors bothering you, and its physically sedating properties will eliminate insomnia and sleeplessness. Nausea, pain, and cramps are also alleviated through this strain’s powerful effects.


Appearance, Taste And Aroma

Death Star has large, chunky nogs and has a space-y theme. The buds are dark green, orange, and feature just a tinge of purple. Vibrant orange trichomes dot the surface of Death Star, giving the strain an out-of-this-world look. Aroma wise, Death Star is pungent. Perhaps owing to its Sour Diesel parent, this pungent, diesel aroma shines through the strongest. This dankness is cut through by notes of sweet floral, and grounded earth, but Death star isn’t a strain you’d want to open up if you’re trying to be discreet. On the palette, the flavor is equally as strong. Sweetly pungent with a citrus tang that makes its presence known ever so slightly. The smoke lingers, and eventually dissolves into pungency on the tongue.

Medical Benefits
Death Star won’t actually put you to death, and it does have some useful medicinal uses despite the intimidating name. It’s sativa properties make it great at relieving stress, anxiety, and poor mood. Its indica lineage also affords it relaxing, sedative effects that eliminate insomnia and mild pain without any hitches. Nausea, too, is effectively treated by Death Star.


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